In 1962 there was a brand new Hagstrom model introduced on the market. This guitar has a very "Strat" like shape and design with two cut aways, a tremolo system and six in line tuning keys. Because of the acrylic top containing all the electronics and the body covered in vinyl (needing no paint), the guitars could be manufactured cheaply and rationally, meeting the huge demand for electric guitars in the early 60's. From 1963 there were also Kent branded guitars built with all solid bodies with two or three pick ups. All Kent guitars had the Tremar tremolo system.

Specifications: Kent PB-24-G, 1962-1964 (also includes Futurama De Luxe)

S/N 555xxxx to 603xxxx - Acrylic top with two fixed position single coil pickups and four slide switches for pickup and tone selection, and a volume control knob. Black neck and head stock (early models had the "dolphin nose" shaped head stock - as shown in the pictures). Known colors: red, blue, purple/lavender and orange/brown. Body of laminate board of various types, covered with vinyl on the back, a painted (black) birch bolt-on neck, teak fret board, 22 frets, scale length 622mm (24 1/2 inches). Some Kent guitars with the acrylic front were sold without the Kent or logo on the black head stock. The acrylic top was without the silver plastic Hagstrom script logo until late 1964 when a mix of tops with and without the logo appeared.
This particular guitar was restored to factory specs with NOS parts in 1997.

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